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Ghosts appear and surround us when Leon pours a vial of contents down the basin. Before we pursued the battle, Leon shoves us contracts to sign.

Like, right before the battle. With ghosts everywhere. In the middle of things-like.

What the hell is this, Leon?
Hastily signing the contract, I dismissed the strange black line at the end of the contract as a printing artefact and immediately regretted not listening to my gut instinct.

They call it the fine print for a reason. Even after confirming with Leon that there was no fine print, it was obvious that there was. We will never know what we signed away.

Not long after, I decided to snort a ghost. The pleasant tingly sensation was soon replaced by the sudden realisation that I was now blind and terribly at a disadvantage during the encounter.

Oh, there was also this large room where we found a female drow trapped in a clear bubble, floating in a circle of glowing runes. She seemed very wise but also very tricky and kept persuading us to release her. We did of course, for a price.

Now, if only I could remember what it was ...

2015-11-22 21:50:03
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