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Gwinny Hilltopple 8 moons ago
I didn't get what I needed to make fire shoot out of my dulcimer, but I did get a magical hat that lets me disguise myself as anyone I like

Gwinny Hilltopple 8 moons ago
I used it to pretend to be the lead singer of rival Bard band, "Channel Divinity" destroying their reputation around the village. FUN #DnD

Gwinny Hilltopple 8 moons ago
Oh, and while we were shopping for souvenirs we found a shop selling "The Bag Of Infinite Squirrels". Tip it up, squirrel pops out. #DnD

Gwinny Hilltopple 8 moons ago
We sent some undead imp summoner into a crazy fit of rage by throwing some squirrels at him. Others were merely bemused.

Gwinny Hilltopple 8 moons ago
All in a day's work for Bards, Bards, Bards. World's greatest Dungeons and Dragons slightly-evil-aligned superstar mercenary bard militia.

2015-04-27 01:25:58
The cast banner.
Half Orc on Viol Tone deaf Half Orc on Bass Viol de Gamba "Can I skin that?" Human Lead Dulcimerist 6-string Appalachian Dulcimerist Superstar "What have I become?!" Dwarven Drummer Dwarven Tabor Drummer "The dwaf wiw not betway you."
Rogue Band Manager Rogue Band Manager "Sign here, please." A bit of context: 5 people meet once a month for a game of D&D. These are our "adventures". Our dear DM Dungeon Master Extraordinaire "This dice is cursed!"