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Another day, another battle. Except this time we were joined by our dear inventor friend, Aeropose.

Aeropose joins us in an epic kill off
When a beam of crackling energy flew towards the Water portal to be turned into Fire, a polygonal stone with runes carved into it appeared to Gwinny and a voice made itself heard in her head, "Would you like more Power? More Fire to kill your enemies?" One wonders what her reply was for she did not say it out loud. One also wonders how one was able to know if this happened, if at all.

Soon, a green jolt of light shot out of the portal and fleshy things with teeth grew out from beneath the ground. Huge tentacles and monsters surrounded us, hungry for action.

"This always happens." - Aeropose
It took a while but before you know it, Aeropose was hitting the machine with a wrench, the tentacle was deaded and we were shopping for a leather jacket, a horned red gem, exploding bolts, smoke bombs, a prank device and an immovable rod at the Grand Bazaar of the Fire plane.

2015-09-13 23:09:24
The cast banner.
Half Orc on Viol Tone deaf Half Orc on Bass Viol de Gamba "Can I skin that?" Human Lead Dulcimerist 6-string Appalachian Dulcimerist Superstar "What have I become?!" Dwarven Drummer Dwarven Tabor Drummer "The dwaf wiw not betway you."
Rogue Band Manager Rogue Band Manager "Sign here, please." A bit of context: 5 people meet once a month for a game of D&D. These are our "adventures". Our dear DM Dungeon Master Extraordinaire "This dice is cursed!"